3 April 2021: Working hard on my secret garden page ;).

24 Mar 2021: I AM 18 NOW HOLY FUUUUUCK

8 Feb 2021: I am happy to say that my biolab page is essentially complete! There will be small details added later, but I want to make sure the main 3 pages are completed before I begin making small project pages. Good luck with school everyone!

1 Jan 2021: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

10 Nov 2020: WOW it has been soooo long since I had time to work on the site, just developing some parts of the BIOLAB page and added more blinkies to my hoard

30 Sept 2020: Added more to the BIOLAB page, currently developing secrets for it.

23 Sept 2020: Found a better site for img uploading, currently in the process of taking each img and reuploading it.

30 Aug 2020: Created BIOLAB page.

10 Aug 2020: All angel pages are finished! I will add the finishing details and I'll add some secret things later too... So happy to have a side page finally done!

27 July 2020: Created SIGNS page, Angel Energy is almost complete.

26 July 2020: Fixed up that dumb sidebar issue and "finished" uploading to the RAWR XD page.

25 July 2020: Still uploading stuff to RAWR XD page... I have lots of blinkies to share.

21 July 2020: Created RAWR XD page, enter my hoard and admire my collection.

20 July 2020: Created SYNCHRONICITY page, Learn about repeating numbers there.

14 July 2020: Created WINGS page, Learn about the meanings and messages around angel wing colours.

13 July 2020: Created FRIENDZ page, leave a message on my page if you want your button added.

12 July 2020: Finished links and added a button to my page!

7 July 2020: ABOUT page complete! Links soon to come.

26 June 2020: Worked hard on ABOUT page.

25 June 2020: Created ENTER THE MAINFRAME page, this page is now called MAINFRAME.

21 June 2020: Angels page completed, wing colour meaning and number synchronicity coming soon.

16 June 2020: ORBS page completed!

12 June 2020: Created ORBS page. Images coming soon!

11 June 2020: Created DAILY ANGEL MESSAGES page. Click on the Seraph for angel messages and synchronistic numbers.

9 June 2020: Added CHATTERBOX and Lain Iwakura. Let's All Love Lain!

8 June 2020: Added sliding banner and editied the LOG box.

7 June 2020: Created ILOVEYOU page.

5 June 2020: Created ABOUT page.

3 June 2020: Added a menu and created BIOHAZARD page.

24 May 2020: Created ANGEL ENERGY page.

23 May 2020: Hello World!

Hi! My name's Gabriel and welcome to mai website! I reccomened viewing this site in 1440 x 900. Check out my log, leave a message in my Chatterbox, click some links and other flashy things. Oh! Also watch out for secrets... You never know what you'll find...!


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