This is SECRET NUMBER 3: My lili love shrine

Although we met in january,

I have been with my soul mate since 06.06.2019, it has been...

...since we started dating !

This page will be dedicated to some of my favourite memories with her,

although not every memory will be listed as we spend every day together,

just some of the most important ones will be listed here.

BUT FIRST! Here are some fun facts about her:

Her favourite colour is purple! Fay also likes to wear beanies

Fae is PUNK! and kicks terf ass, she also likes strawberries and cows

Valerie is an epic GAMER who has had a roblox account since 2012

favourite memories...

We first met on instagram and we texted a little, but we really began to bond when we played splatoon 2 together.

We could only play salmon run so we would play it for hours while calling on instagram... This is when i realised how funny and wonderful she was, and eventually i (half)jokingly called her my gamer gf :D.

I was introduced to discord properly through fae, I had only used it for one friend before and this is when we got to talk even more, sending memes and good morning messages.

On the 6th of June, she asked me out, I was so scared to date someone due to my internalised transphobia towards myself and my own anxieties but she made me feel something truly unique... I felt for her something I never felt for my exes until now, I had fallen in love.

We would call while I was at school on my breaks because I had almost no friends and she barely slept during the night (still does!!!!! SMH!!!), I remember fondly sitting by the lake and eating my own homemade lunches while imagining we were together.

I remember staying up super late to spend time with her, and waking up hella early for school... which I cannot do anymore as when I try now I cannot wake up until the afternoon, but it was fun to do while I could!

Sometimes I would watch her stream games, anime, youtube, or even movies in class! I still love watching her play games or enjoying shows with her, but I love playing them with her even more.

Jumping to 2020 during the bushfires near my home she was with me the whole time, supporting me when I was terrified, I will never forget her being there for me.

After that scare, the next scare was COVID, and when I was forced to stay at home I was so thrilled to spend every moment together. We could call much easier during classes and play games during the day! Nothing could have been better, except for being stuck WITH her...

Now in 2021, we call every single day while I wait for the moment where I can be with her, every day we take care of each other when we are down, and lift each other up when we are happy. We bicker, we fight, we make up, and we will love each other forever.